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July 10th, 2008, 07:25
The thing about killing children is simple.

Fallout is supposed to represent a harsh world and instill a sense of how it would be to exist in such a place. If killing children was, for one reason or another, a possibility - then depicting it would add to the authenticity and in effect add to the experience. Not necessarily the actual act of killing a child, but the realisation that such things happen and we could potentially be characters committing such crimes.

It's about immersion and triggering a reaction in you as the player.

Personally, I would never kill a child in the game, because I don't feel good doing such things - even if it's just a game. I've tried similar things in other games and all it has done is make me reload instantly because I get uncomfortable playing characters capable of those things. I always play the good guy.

However, I definitely think it would add to the experience as a whole, if I knew it was possible. It would make me more conscious of my actions and add gravity to the game.

That said, I think it would be a waste for Bethesda to implement such a feature, because frankly I don't think they're capable of creating a game or story befitting such realism. It would require genuine artists to make a game where such a feature wouldn't just be senseless and gratuitous. Bethesda are competent craftsmen and they know how to create an appealing mass-market product, but they simply don't have the talent or dedication necessary to make me - as a player - react emotionally. I'm sure that's not their goal, either, so it's all good.




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