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July 11th, 2008, 15:12
Heh. Two different approaches to the trial. Both were amusing. The monk tried to diplomacy his way through, and was mostly successful. Lost a few diplomacy checks, despite the max rank… because they automatically removed my lucky hat! The evil eldrich knight kept mocking the court, the audience, insulting Sand, and threatening to slaughter every last man, woman, and child in Luskan in response to these accusations. Probably not the best approach, but faithful to the alignment. As a high level eldrich knight anyways it's not like the court would be anything BUT a chance to mock authority and exert dominance: in pen and paper he'd just teleport when bored of it… or burn Neverwinter to ash.

Good game. Glad I waited this long to get it (there are still things broken but apparantly a lot less things than for the first six months of release, which is sad.)
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