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November 18th, 2006, 16:48
I tried the french demo and its pretty impressive. I can't understand anything being said but gameplay is basically Titan Quest and graphically its equivalent - more or less. I like the outline effects and the zoom+pan camera is pretty nice. It doesnt appear you can tilt the camera. They use fog of war in the distance which is probably why.

Maxed out - system requirements seem to be a bit higher than Titan Quest - but I was able to fight 6-7 things at once with a workable framerate, but its chugging <18 FPS. I didnt run FRAPS but its pretty obvious.

Although, my machine isnt a powerhouse anymore so YMMV!

3.3 Ghz P3 (overclocked 960 FSB)
1 Gig OCZ DDR533 RAM
x850 XT PE
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