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November 19th, 2006, 04:47
Hi, im the one that wrote the review, and while im not here to defend it (I think the discussion going on here is great) I did want to make one comment with the Lag vs FPS thing…

I had several instances where I would have lag like symptoms not unlike one would find in a MMORPG. Everything in battle would slow down then move real fast to catch up, or my character would move a couple of steps, then teleport back to where he was and repeat the same action. I was playing single player at the time so I know it wasnt truly "lag" but that was the best way to describe it.

My only thought is since I am running a dual core, it might have something to do with the synchronization of the two cores. Even though NWN2 only uses a single core, AMD has released several patches to resolve timing issues with X2 processors when relating to games.

Oh and the PoR thing, I was refering to PoR2. I was looking forward to it after seeing it at GenCon (when GC was still in Milwaukee) but when I bought it I was disappointed -- it just felt so slow and cumbersome. I appreciate that actual tabletop gaming is a bit slower pace than a video game, but when transitioning to a new medium some adaptations NEED to be made -- else, why not stick with the original form? My imagination is more immersive than any game on a screen…

Well thanks to everyone that read it, not trying to flame or get defensive -- just participatory. Cheers.




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