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Default yeah but…

July 18th, 2008, 04:34
say what you will about the gameplay of Fate.. i never really liked it.. a bit to kiddie for me..

but WildTangent was never "spyware" proper… Call it AdWare, but thats only if youre playing for free.. paid versions of the game contain no ads on launch/load/exit etc.

that being said, the program may phone home with user settings, stats etc. but does nothing sadistic with the data

people might think i'm shilling WildTangent like a PR dude (and admittedly, St. John is too cocky and needs a PR coach).. but WildTangent is still doing some cool stuff, and is about to bring alot of good games to us for free (ad supported)… See info on thier "Orb" product.. I am interested to see where this goes… Due to their PC distribution, it might take off in a way that Steam never did.




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