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July 20th, 2008, 11:50
Thanks Pladio, 68 times to be exact.

Your questions Rills, suggest that you are putting good thought into your game-play.

Yes, to level 20 was free roaming and killing, certainly not my true style really, just experimenting yet keeping within the story line limits, its the chapter changes that hold the game triggers and keep firm control of the story line. You could go further beyond L20 by sneaking into the orc underground temple and on a killing spree, but this is jumping ahead of the natural story line.

Distribution of points is a subjective thing, what may suit one might not suit another player. For instance, in one argument - if after a level-up you run straight back to a trainer and increase dex' +5 and str' +5, immediately from that point you will get to the next level up sooner because the multiplier effect comes in. Conversely, it is easy to get through most of the game at say 30 str' and 30 dex' - you can kill an orc easily at this level. This means skill points can indeed be stored and used later in a more conservative way - but what for? you could only assess your own gameplay for the reason of a repeat or further game play to try another method of point distribution.

So on first play through as the story unfolds you may well realise that you can change a tactical course - for example:- decide to be a mage from a point about 25str'/25dex' (a very good swap-over point) to enable max' as a mage later in the game as you cannot achieve max' both as a fighter and a mage as there arn't enought points available, this is intentional by concept design.

But it is the story line in G1 with its hidden triggers that takes precidence irrespective of how you level up, it is a "progressive" thing to go with the flow of the game - you will "sense" this need as you read the various books and tomes you find along the way - they hold the very important key to the true path through gothic.
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