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July 20th, 2008, 21:19
Thanks for all the replies. They really are appreciated. The over-arching issue for me when doing an RPG of this magnitude and caliber is the lack of experience/knowledge of the system. For instance, when Baldur's Gate came out many people had a ton of questions about game play, style, etc. But for me it wasn't a problem at all because I had played D&D for a number of years and picking up the parameters of play was easy.

Gothic 1 is all new to me so again thanks especially for your patience in answering my questions. I really am enjoying the game and the fact that it has a bonified plot (something that seems to be missing in a number of RPGs). I will most likely start a new game when I finish this current one and with the gained experience I am sure I'll be playing smarter.

Right now I am 5th level with 30 strength (+5 from Horatio) and 25 dexterity (+5 from ring found). Another 10 skill points for ihanded sword training and the rest for hunting skills. I would eventually like to make my character a fighter/mage, but right now my bow skills are so poor -- I can't hit anything! -- I am now sure if I should train at least to expertise 1.

I also believe one of the reasons I am dying frequently is 1) I still am not really mastering the combay controls and 2) my armor is too weak.

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