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July 20th, 2008, 23:32
Armor is key to surviving in Gothic. Better armor will keep you alive from lots of animals. Mastering the combat controls will help, but with the better skills and armor you get almost invincible.

As I said before, I am not one who finished the game a lot, but from what I have gathered, joining a faction will help you get a better armor which in turn will let you level up earlier too. I'd suggest finishing up all the quests you can before joining a camp. A lot of them don't require a lot of fighting. It should give you one or two more levels of LPs to use.

Another possibility is of just trying to play like this and join a faction now. Maybe save your game now on a slot which you won't delete… This way you can try with joining a faction for a few hours. If you like it then you continue otherwise just go back to that special save and try gaining a few more levels.
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