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July 21st, 2008, 16:33
Well I have reached level 8 and I believe I have completed all quests in the camps except for 2:

1. I have avoided Lefty since he tried to take me out. That "mission" is still listed as needing to be completed.

2. I have yet to give Diego the list. Once I do am I then required to declare a camp? Or even after I do give him the list can I continue to hunt the area for experience?

* I have improved my bow skills and upped my dexterity and I have been able to gain experience by the old tried and true nail 'em with arrows and run away. Then run back and attack; repeat until dead.

* I have also read that it is possible to join the New Camp even after having joined the Old Camp. True? I thought once you gave Diego the list the New Camp was off limits membership wise.
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