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July 21st, 2008, 21:00
Originally Posted by Rills View Post
2. I have yet to give Diego the list. Once I do am I then required to declare a camp? Or even after I do give him the list can I continue to hunt the area for experience?
IMHO youīre asking for way too many spoilers. Why donīt you just make a decision and live with the consequences? I would recommend you think carefully about this quest though. You have more than one option and it has moral implications.
Enjoy the ride and be happy you donīt know whatīs behind the next corner.

* I have improved my bow skills and upped my dexterity and I have been able to gain experience by the old tried and true nail 'em with arrows and run away. Then run back and attack; repeat until dead.
Interesting. Most people stick to the good old tank character on their first run. Sounds like youīll get into trouble if somebody gets close to you. Not a mistake but certainly not the easiest path through the game. Iīm not sure how useful your bow is if you meet a group of Orcs in a building.

* I have also read that it is possible to join the New Camp even after having joined the Old Camp. True? I thought once you gave Diego the list the New Camp was off limits membership wise.
You can only join one of the camps. Joining earns you your first status symbol, a better armour, and access to the campīs internal resources. Your adventures in the other camps arenīt over though.
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