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July 21st, 2008, 20:10
Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
2. You are not yet pinned to the old camp when you give Diego the list. I always played it by going with the list to the new camp, but not accepting their offer to join them and then go to Diego and do the same. That doesn't have any effects on the game what so ever.
I have been to the New Camp with the list on me but haven't told Lares nor Diego since obtaining said list. I guess - no, I know - I'm missing something in the translation of what you are saying.

If I give the list to Diego I cannot - at least at this time - join the New Camp. If I give the list to Lares I definitely can't join the Old Camp. Am I understanding this correctly? Can I tell Diego I have obtained the list and yet not give it to him? Thus, I have the vote of confidence and can move to shadow? The same with Lares, i.e. tell him you have the list but not turn it over and yet move up to rogue?

Don't I have to give the list to Diego or Lares in order to become either a shadow or a rougue?

Sorry for all the questions…
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