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July 21st, 2008, 22:12
I just want you guys to know why I am asking so much about this particular juncture in the game. Early on as I was trying to get enough votes in the Old Camp I went to Fingers and he mentioned Calvoran and his ability to teach sneak. I then asked him where he could be found. He told me and so I determined to look him up.

When I eventually followed Mordrag to the New Camp I noticed the cabin Fingers mentioned and so I detoured there looking for him. He wasn't anywhere to be found.

So, I reloaded, talked to Fingers, etc. Then followed Mordrag. No Calvoran.

I loaded earlier saves thinking one of my files must be corrupt, but the results have been the same. This character has vanished from my game. When I am going between the New and Old camps I periodically cheack in but he is not there. This is the reason I asked about Lefty if it was a bug or not; perhaps I disrupted something. I do know that if certain characters die the game cannot be completed.

Perhaps I am being paranoid but I put a lot of hours into this game and I don't want to disrupt to the point of not being able to finish. I cannot for the life of me figure out why Calvoran has utterly vanished. Oh well, I assume he isn't a major character anyway.
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