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November 19th, 2006, 19:01
Devs don't have to go through publishers, look at the McCarthy from Troika. He wants to make his game the way he wants to make it, so he is found a way to do it without pub lishers taking away his creative control. Every indie dev does this.

The publishers finance games that the analysis says will sell. The analysis come from game sales. Game sales are generated by game buyers. To blaim the publishers is silly and childish, as it skips over the reason publishers are financing the games they finance (the game buyer).

Devs don't have to make the best graphic, fancy game they can. They don't have to pitch a game that will allow them to get the highest debt from a pub (which will be a pitch that has a safe return). They can pitch a game that doesn't sound that appealing to a publisher and get less debt, such as Troka did with ToEE. You just end up getting not a good deal. So the next time a dev blaims anything on a publisher, remember they agreed to every term and condition before debt issuance.

And the next time you blaim publishers for the crappy state of gaming, remember your, and your friends buying habbits. If everyone buys games with crap gameplay but has fancy graphcis and super voice acting, thats what publishers will finance. Its not their fault the safe bets are the ones that sell well. Its not their fault NWN 2 is getting slammed in reviews for being too complicated. Its not their fault game buyers have piss poor taste.
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