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November 20th, 2006, 02:09
Exactly. The majority are happy. Its called tyrrany of the center, or tyranny of the masses. Its the thing that controls what songs hit the top 10 list. What shows get what ratings, etc. Its the reason Oprah is a billionare, even though her show is unwatchable by any sane minded individual.

I don't blaim the TV producers or the channel Oprah is on because Oprah gets good ratings and it sucks. If no one wtached it, it wouldn't generate money, and wouldn't be on the air to suck at all.

Now, when it comes to movies, tyranny of the center works for me. I like most movies I see, even B movies. I have very easy taste when it comes to movies. If it isn't all lovey dovey, kissy huggy, gay gay I'll probably like it, or at least be entertained by it. More crappy movies are made because of me, and people with questionable movie taste like me, because we spend money on them. The critics or people with good movie tatse shouldn't be mad that hollywood won't make another fancy, artsy movie. They should be mad that people like me make crappy, mindless nonsesne movies profitable.

So, I'm with the masses when it comes to movies, against them when it comes to games. Either way, the relationship between the publisher, developer, and game buyer is reciprical. The gamers buy this type of game, the publisher wants to finance this type of game, so developers that picth this type of game get the debt.

Its how the system is supposed to work. Its working correctly. But it all starts and ends where the money is, and thats in the hands of the consumer (game buyer). Just because I consider Oprah crappy doesn't mean my opinion matters, as she is a billionare, and Bethesda has a cash cow with Oblivion, and Teenage girls control whats on the music top 10.

My whole point is, blaim the consumer, not the producer. Its supply and demand.
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