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July 28th, 2008, 17:51
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I agree…. to a point. If a game is total crap, it's not going to sell regardless of the amount of advertising put into it. It might sell well initially but word of mouth travels too fast nowadays for a game of poor quality to have huge sales.
It'll still sell a lot better than it ought to in many cases, because of hype. Again, the only thing HUGE sales tells you, is that a lot of people bought it - and nothing else. Just like when millions of people buy the next Britney Spears CD. Quality MAY be a factor - but it's not guarenteed - not by a long shot.

What do level design and gameplay have to do with storyline? You must be incredibly stubborn to have finished Halo if you really thought it was that bad because it wasn't a short game at all. Your post seems to be somewhat self contradicting anyways. On one hand you proclaim it has "horrible" level design, which I would actually agree with, and that it was overly simplified. Then the next moment you're saying "It wasn't bad overall".
Who said level design had anything to do with storyline? I was listing bad points. I clearly remember completing it in less than 10 hours, and I was incredibly stubborn - yes. I enjoyed the actual shooter mechanics, and thought the "shield regen" feature was clever. Also, I though the vehicle sections were well done. But the most enjoyment I got from it was multiplayer, which WAS actually pretty good. I wouldn't say very good, and I don't think it's fair to rate a game overall just for its multiplayer. But it's definitely the best part of all the Halos.

I've been playing FPSs since the original Wolfenstein, and while I wouldn't claim Halo is great overall, it certainly isn't the complete POS that some PC gamers try to claim.
Agreed, it's not complete POS. It's just mediocre at best.




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