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July 29th, 2008, 21:38
Originally Posted by Turok View Post
Its my idea or at last the backgrounds are getting very detailed like the old days when background where made by hand and in 2d???? this was something that i was really missing from tittles when i play NWN and NWN2.
I think PC games have been there for a little while now. I recently got a new graphics card, and so I've bumped all my Titan Quest settings up to max, and just a few days ago I was thinking to myself:

Doesn't it look, in full 3-D (non rotating camera notwithstanding), even prettier than the old lovingly-drawn sprite graphics of yore. I'll be damned.

And this game came out a while ago. Anywho, if there's one aspect of gaming that's improved beyond a doubt, it's graphics.
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