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July 30th, 2008, 01:28
PS:T - didn't sell all that great. Drakensang - remains to be seen. Bet it doesn't do that great in the US (for various reasons). Your point?

Come on, Alrik. DivDiv is already laughed at regularly for the stupidity of the name - and I can even link you to forums where people claim to have avoided the game because of the name. If the game producers can't even create a name that makes sense, what chance is there for the quality of the in-game text?

I promise you that a good percentage of US previews will start off with some comment about how kooky DivDiv was as a name and that the new one isn't much better. Marketing is really, really important - do you really want a magazine preview to waste 2 or their 5 available paragraphs on the name, instead of the gameplay?

And then on the store shelf in EBGames…if Average Joe hasn't heard of it before, what chance they will pick up a sequel to an unknown game with a name they can't understand? And Dragon Age is sitting right next to it - by those cool RPG guys that did KotOR and Mass Effect. If I sent my nephew in to buy a game, I know what he'd come out with.
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