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July 30th, 2008, 02:03
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I just finished three books in four days (we're on a vacation): an anthology of fantastic stories by Kelly link (some of them weird, some not so weird, all of them expressionist and quite entertaining), 'Two Little Girls in Blue' by Mary Higgins Clark and 'Death of the Necromancer' by Martha Wells. Out of these three, I enjoyed 'Necromancer' the most… it was a fun ride . I found the Clark book utterly disappointing, however. I like mysteries and crime stories, but this book was so not my cup of tea that I really felt reading it had been a waste of my time.
Yay! Someone else who's read Death of the Necromancer. I really liked it and plan to re-read it one of these days. I've read two Mary Higgins Clark books and that was more than enough. If I want a mystery I'll read a Marcia Muller, Nevada Barr, or even P.D. James, where the female protagonist has some depth. In Clark's books, everything is rather two-dimensional, and her women are…I guess plastic is the word I'm looking for.(As in shallow, artificial and utterly predictable.)

My husband has talked me into reading Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown, but I'm having trouble with it--I'm not much on the conspiracy theory stuff, and I hate authors who italicize every third word…but it may get better.
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