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July 31st, 2008, 20:01
Originally Posted by kalniel View Post
They've always (or for a while at least) said MoW was awaiting 1.14 and that it was related to the auth system - nice of them to actually explain things if you ask me.
That comment wasn't about honesty, it is about prioritising.

Atari has effectively killed all chances of MoW selling well by delaying it in order to get their new anti-piracy system up. Since anti-piracy is meant to combat a leakage of sales, that's incredible ass-backwards logic, and really tough on Ossian as the expansion is an almost-guaranteed bust through no fault of theirs.

It's like with Arcanum, which was delayed 6 months after review copies had already gone out, just because the publisher wanted to get localisations done. One of the dumbest decisions ever.

Sometimes you gotta wonder if these guys really do this for a living.
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