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August 1st, 2008, 23:02
Originally Posted by Dez View Post
What about woodefl? Is she fun to play ? I mean I could pick up the gladiator and not to worry about this stuff, but drinking tons of healing potions and going melee is probably as boring as it sounds.
The Woodelf is seriously overpowered imo. I basicly breezed through the game. Especially by combining multi-shot with piercing-shot and homing-shot(or whatever their names are). But other than than I had a good time.

I also played a Gladiator, but had a difficult time when I reached the desert and constantly got owned by zombies. The woodelf had no problems at all since most enemies never made it near her.

The Dark Elf also has an overpowered ability(smoke bomb or something) that disables any enemy(from the lowest of human bandit to dragons).

Regarding the video: The combat felt pretty boring now that I saw how visceral and cool the combat is going to be in D3, especially due to real-time physics simulation. Also, that leap attack the character did felt like a cheap version of the awesome leap attack the barbarian did in the D3 gameplay demo.
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