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August 2nd, 2008, 18:37
Originally Posted by titus View Post
I know that sacred 2 is going to be there sooner than D3.
But it is still a diablo clone.
So what? "Diablo clone" is a (sub-)genre name. Every hack&slash game which meets a couple of other criteria is per definition a Diablo clone. Thatīs a name, nothing more. Even D2 is a Diablo clone. The only difference is that Blizzard is allowed to use the original name.
I mean come on: a barbarian doing an leap attack? put it in a darker invironment and put it back in 2D and it is diablo 2, so that is way I said that it is a D3 clone before d3 is out even: same as D2 but just the improvement of graphics.
Nonsense. Itīs a "Diablo clone", not a "Diablo 2 clone". By your logic all current cars would still be clones of the current or upcoming new generation of cars made by the original inventor, Carl Benz, whose company is now part of Daimler-Benz aka Mercedes.
They decided to make a game in a certain genre, not copy a specific game. Sacred 2 will again be a Diablo clone, but at the same time it will be one of the games Blizzard analyses to find out if certain new or optimized features work good enough to include them in Diablo 3.
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