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August 4th, 2008, 15:51
Actaully saying the psp is easier to use for piracy is wrong. With the ds all you have to do is buy a special cartridge that allows you to put a mini sd card in it and you can play homebrew and ds games off of it.

With the psp you either have to get a psp that has a downgrader specifically for it or go through the convoluted process of making a pandora battery and installing new custom firmware. Also there is always a risk that you will brick your psp by upgrading the custom firmware. (Which you would need to do to play newer games)

I know a lot about this because I like to use homebrew on my psp and when I had a ds I used a M3 to use homebrew on it. (I didn't like the rpgs out for the ds at the time so got rid of it)

PS. Also since ds games are on a cartridge they are smaller then psp games are.

PPS. Also mini sd cards are cheaper then memory stick pro duo.

PPPS. The only thing that is really better on the psp (besides playing music and videos) is the amount of homebrew out for the psp. There is so much more because it is much more powerful and can handle better software.
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