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August 4th, 2008, 17:38
I certainly do. They wanted a shooting RPG license to fill the generation-long gap between TES installments. Is/was there some other famous futuristic RPG license for sale? Bethesda just needed an RPG license with guns to pad out TES releases, as they are incapable of creating a new IP (all the TES creators are long gone).

They need to do almost no R&D to make their Fallouts; it's all done for TES. They'll be based on the TES 4/5/6 codebase with a different stat system, a pause feature, and (supposedly) a slightly tweaked dialog system. Otherwise it's the same continuous combat engine, animation and collision system, world-zone system, map, compass, AI, and of course graphics. It's cheaper, much, much cheaper than creating something original, which isn't something they do well, or at all.
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