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August 4th, 2008, 21:53
Originally Posted by pnutz View Post
They haven't made a new IP since the Elder Scrolls lore, which hasn't been expanded since Daggerfall in 1996. And all the people who created it are gone. They have since only brought breadth to TES since no one there is capable of adding depth or creating something new in these 12 years. The next big thing in RPGs is/was futuristic and modern settings with guns. Can a company with (currently) no experience in creating new IP come up with a winning new gun-based setting to support a $10 million production plus sequels?

Or would they buy an IP, one that could lend itself to their first-person, exploration based game engine? The game area would have to be continuous (per engine requirements). It would have to be empty for the most part (per design requirements; scattered communities and numerous rural dungeons). A continuous modern city full of people would be unfeasible. A post-apocalyptic environment (set in a comparably "dense" area, like a former city) is one of the few settings compatible with this big, empty, continuous, gun-toting game world.

While I wish they had not bought the franchise, it makes obvious business sense that they did. But please don't try to spin this as if Fallout needed Bethesda.

You are actually wrong here…they made a game called redguard which was a spinoff of the elder scrolls….wasn't great….wasn't horrible…just was.

To say fallout did not need Bethesda is like saying lets not ever have a sequel because thats what would have happened.

If you go to their wiki they have also published alot of non rpg games as well….
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