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August 5th, 2008, 17:24
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Note that this is #10 - there have been good times and bad for the PSP, and some speculate that this period of inactivity is due to the 'near death' experience of the PSP is late 2006. But as was said, there are plenty of good games, particularly strategy-RPG's and a few decent jRPG's.
Oops, guess that I missed the good times as far as RPGs go for the PSP.

I've always thought of the PSP as a nifty device for carrying around and playing some of the old PSX games that I really liked, or just never got around to finishing for one reason or another. The PSP also has some nice homebrew and is just about powerful enough to emulate even an N64, but the native games have always seemed to be incredibly lacking to me, along with the host of poor PSX ports.

Nice, well written article as usual. Too bad some magazine(or maybe newspaper) wouldn't pay you to actually write the column…

TWEWY: Couldn't really get into that one, but I expect that I'll give it another shot eventually.

Summon Night: I liked the GBA games, but this one on the DS just didn't grab me, but maybe I haven't forced myself to play through enough of it yet so I guess that it'll have to go onto the try again later pile.

PSP & custom firmware, well when (if) I do get a PSP I surely don't plan on spending $600 extra for a dongle to allow me to play my old PSX games the way that Sony wants me to. Nope, I'll just slap on a custom firmware and pick up some pro duo memory sticks and make my own eboots from my original disks.

DS Flash cart: I actually use alot of the homebrew, but I also dump ROM images onto them in order to save me from carrying around a ton of cartridges like I used to do with my GBA, GB/GBC, and other handheld consoles that I've owned. Too many lost games/manuals.
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