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August 9th, 2008, 13:59
Originally Posted by danutz_plusplus View Post
It would be awesome if Atari found a good dev to do Icewind Dale 3. I love the cold and secluded setting. My favorite place in Faerun. If I had to choose a place to spend my elder days, that'd be the one. Kuldahar particularly.
Aye… sitting nice and warm in front of the fireplace under the great tree while outside the blizzard screams down the valley… with a cup of steaming wine or ale in your hands, sharing the tales of past adventures…

Sign me under too

Icewind Dale is also one of my favourite fantasy settings…Kuldahar probably THE favourite…
I still remember when my party stumbled out of the snow to behold the great tree and the village under it for the first time…

Would love to see the franchise revived again! (revived not desecrated that is; let`s see first what happens with the new Fallout..)
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