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August 9th, 2008, 20:47
Originally Posted by itoqylas View Post
mana generation rings… now that's a new one I never remember those being in d2 (or am I wrong?)

I understand… completely ,

just corious , I wonder how game mechanics are different from today (other than the graphics, ai etc… and the technical things…) than they were around the time around d2… not saying you're wrong or anything, just wondering
That's what I meant--graphics, AI and the technical things. Mostly 3D--the adjustable camera, no isometric perspective, and obligatory graphical splendor--like maybe Icewind Dale compared to NWN2, if that helps you visualize. Interface and inventory have changed a bit as well over the years. I'm not saying any of this has to be bad, but once you're used to all that it's hard to go back and see the older games through the same eyes--especially if you've never played them much before like this reviewer.

And yes, there were always regenerating mana and life items in DII, AFAIK. (The Manald Heal ring is one that comes to mind atm.)

@Thaurin: Titan Quest is a great 'diablo clone', but from what I gather, the level of hacking, cheating and other nonsense on battle.net was too high for the same open set-up. I never played there personally, as I don't understand the cheaters and griefers either. As you say if you don't trust who you're playing with not to be screwing you over, what fun is it?
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