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August 11th, 2008, 01:57
Originally Posted by Thaurin View Post
As I was speaking about Titan Quest, anyway, I like how they did that. Full 3D but with a fixed camera and stuff that gets in front of your character becomes transparent. It looks great and graphics never get in the way of gameplay. Of course, good 2D can look awesome as well; it's just different (and you can obviously do more in 3D).

Anyway, who cares if Diablo II is a role-playing game or not? And of course one can assume that someone who liked Baldur's Gate may find something in Diablo for him. Maybe I really liked the inventory management and character building in Baldur's Gate. You can find that in Diablo as well. Don't assume that everybody enjoys role-playing games for the same reasons.
I am rocking Titan Quest as well, and I also enjoy the fixed camera. I find that in games where there is a rotatable view (I'm looking at you, Dungeon Runners), the devs just get lazy and assume you'll adjust the view if some overhanging whatever gets in your way.

Here's the thing: These are ACTION games. I don't want to be fiddling with the camera, I want to be playing the game. Since TQ has a fixed camera, the devs had to make sure the view was always ok from that angle, and also they had to come up with decent tech to invisible-ize (real word I swear) any obstacles between your view and the camera. And so they did.

(My only niggle is that sometimes an enemy can be shooting from under a roof, and while you can select him if you mouse-over, it takes a second to locate him. But all in all, A+)

"bing bing bing" goes the You Win Bell for don't assume everyone enjoys RPGs for the same reasons. I get a kick out of the BG series because it involves kitting out a widely divergent groups of characters with a huge selection of items and killing the hell out of a truly staggering number of innocent 2D sprites. Kill, kill, kill, level up, oooo look a better pair of chain gloves! It's not a crazy coincidence that Diablo is in the same genre.
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