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August 13th, 2008, 21:42
Don't get me wrong, I think DS series has its place. And they definitely provided me with some hours of mindless enjoyment.

However, I am not a fan of the so called "streamlining" I will just quote the review from Gameradar.com:

It’d be unfair to hold Space Siege to the epic storytelling standards of Mass Effect, but it’s advantageous to have that dangling “carrot” to entice us to hack and slash (or, in this case, shooting and slashing) ever forward. That carrot may come in the form of cool and unique loot drops, massively configurable characters and armor sets, increasingly flamboyant attacks delivered by a party-full of disparate characters, and a new and interesting environment around every corner. Space Siege skimps on carrots: loot consists of boring health kits and scrap parts that can be traded for stat improvements in your abilities and weapons; your sole companion is HR-V, an upgradeable robot buddy; and the ship is one long, drab maze of metallic gray hallways and metallic gray catwalks. Worst of all, your cybernetic implants can’t be upgraded like your weapons and armor, or replaced with better ones. Even though the ship is infested by “cybers” - cyber-enhanced humans under Kerak control - only one of each body part implant is available.
And that is why I don't think I can get myself interested in the game

Damn game pirates!
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