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November 21st, 2006, 13:47
Severance is still my favorite game when it comes to melee combat. Every game with just an ounce of combo based combat is instantly compared to Severance. I've completed it with the Knight and the Amazon and have completed all but the last level with the Barbarian and Dwarf as well (those 2 are the hardest to play due to the Dwarf's short range and the Barbarian's slow combos).

Even though it is now a long time since I've played it, I can still clearly picture my favorite move: the Amazon's "Axespear" special move (the end of the spear was shaped like the pendulum from the Edgar Allan Poe story). She does a sort of somersault and when she is coming upright again she rips the Axespear across horizontally and pop goes the weasel … erm, I mean head

Compared to Severance, Conan is no match but the rich combo system (with a choice of axe or sword focus) actually makes for some pretty entertaining hacking and slashing … and there is just something about the Conan universe that is appealing to me (which is why I'm not at all happy with the choice of making the new Conan game into an interactive messenger like all the other social nurseries called MMORPGs).
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