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August 14th, 2008, 17:15
Originally Posted by Embolus View Post
Well, this could be a good sign that JoWood is willing to put forth effort to make the sequel polished. There was a lot of potential in Dungeon Lords, and though it was mostly squandered, who knows with #2.
It could've easily been a classic had D. W. Bradley ever been able to finish it, but apparently he has a problem with that portion of the development process, not to mention from what I've read of the game it sounded like he tried to farm out alot of the work to remote overseas locations. The only other game that I know of that tried this approach also failed, Mageknight Apocalypse and, apparently, it was apocalyptical.

OTOH it IS a good sign that they DID release another patch, although it may be PR driven as they intend to release a sequel, and this surely would garner them some brownie point. From what I've read elsewhere it was a nightmare to make patches for this game, as, apparently the entire game had to be rebuilt every time to test patches AND generate them which, also, was, apparently, not a trivial process.

I hope that they use a licensed engine from somewhere for the sequel, as the one used in DL was a hacked version of the W&W engine from what I've read.
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