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August 14th, 2008, 16:36
Originally Posted by narpet View Post
That score it exactly what I would expect from an honest reviewer… Taylor's "Siege" series has got to be one of the most boring set of games I've ever seen.

Granted I only "played" DS1 (and I use the word "played" very lightly… it was more like watching the game play itself)… but I just saw more of the same in DS2 so I didn't buy it. And I won't buy Space Siege… I just can't support that kind of game development.
From what I've read/heard about DS1 it was a game where you could "play" it without actually having to interact with it almost at all, given that I opted to skip it until Lazarus and then didn't bother with the campaign at all.

Apparently DSII added more interactivity, and I own this as well, and found it to be an acceptable, if not memorable, ARPG. It's better than many of the shovelware ARPGs out there, but it's no classic and while improving the gameplay, they seemed to have just about killed the modability as there are very few mods for DSII, while there are quite a few smaller ones for DS1 plus the full makeover Lazarus.

Space Siege sounds like they went back to the failed DS1 forumla then went even further to make it and entirely unenjoyable game. I would've thought that they had learned their lesson when going from DS1 to DSII as the changes to DSII were, apparently, entirely driven by the almost entirely non-interactive nature of DS1, but then maybe he's now trying to get "casual" "gamers" to buy his crap. The reviewers seem to be correct that GPG missed the boat in all they had to do was copy DSII, update the engine and graphics, but leave the mechanics essentially alone…

I just don't get it. Casual gamers that I know of, will NEVER buy anything other than a trivial puzzle game, or card game and are best left to shareware and small indie developers. Oblivious was really a failure as from my personal experience I imagine that the vast majority of PC sales were driven by expectations of something equalling Morrowind if not returning more to Daggerfall in terms of world and play, while on consoles it was likely driven somewhat by that(but I doubt it with the entire lack of modability) and the near complete lack of decent RPGs(which Oblivious was mistakenly billed as). This is looking to be followed up by the FPS with the BFN(uclear)G based Fallout 3. Too bad they didn't add MP as it might've been worth it for online matches since the game itself sounds like it's Oblivious with BFNG, but, then, that's the only kind of game that Bethesda apparently knows how to make any longer since they managed to fire or otherwise get rid of any of their worthwhile staff, apparently along with any of them that had any technical skills.

I'm just glad that I picked up a Nintendo DS last year for my RPG goodness fix, even if it mostly just re-makes, as some of the re-makes are new in English while others are getting tired. (FFIV I'm looking at you, 5 versions now IIRC the SNES original plus 4 ports, 2 on Nintendo handhelds FFS! Might be time to pick up a PSP slim, put a custom firmware on it, and make eboots of all my PSX RPGs, as *ahem* I never actually did finish several of them, too bad that I have no way of porting my old save points…)
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