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November 21st, 2006, 15:04
Don't forget the hilarious Cannibals Conan gets to fight:

"Oh tasty barbarian! Going to eat you!!! Yum Yum!!!"

I havent actually finished Conan yet - I still have another 2 hours of it or so. Its definately a fun game. Of course its no comparison to Severance but it is one of the few WASD melee games so its on my list.

Now I remember why I quit Severance the first time though - it can be a frustrating game. The poisoning is outrageous! I'm at level 6 now and I quit last time at level 13 - I was stuck in this impossible trap - a fight against 4 poison weilding 400 hp goblins that were ordered to leap down off a wall by one of the large orcish things.

I'll take the game as far as I can go this time though. The fact that some of you folks have completed it is encouraging. That amazon description sounds great - I'll have to try it!
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