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August 14th, 2008, 22:33
@Alrik: I think everyone has some talent or gift for something, even if it's mundane(mine is growing things.) While I never got to be the great novelist or poet I wanted to be in high school, I have a kick-ass garden and can write really long forum posts, so I don't despair. I think the odds are high you will find ways to express yourself and to explore what's meaningful to you if you stay open and keep trying. There is more than one definition of success.

We went to the dollar book store today--one of our favorite splurges--and stocked up on books--(buy fifteen, get five free--can't beat it. That's why our house is stuffed wall to wall with paperbacks like some NYC cat-lady or something.) Anyway, I picked up some Gore Vidal(1876) Jack London, Giants in the Earth, Jane Smiley's Greenlanders--which I've read but it's been years--and assorted silly books, so I'm set for awile. Life is good.
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