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November 21st, 2006, 15:15
"Hey, it's a good TB game!! Check out my review for more details!!"
I did thats why I wanted to try it.

It won't run on (ATI?) my machine, tried the demo as the game starts you on a dock I was getting maybe 1 FPS at most.
I tried a couple of different Cat drviers but not much I could do, no otehr game has had problems like this for me .
I looked on their official forums but no luck finding any info on the boards, to be clear I didn't post but looked through Tech/bugs threads.

Heh, actually if seems like a business move to me, be associated with a popular name, to get exposure.

I haven't heard of her, though apparently many have and seeing her pic, she certianly seems attratively suited to be a PC?NPC charater.
Hey maybe they will actually be upfront by including a nude patch.
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