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August 15th, 2008, 16:21
I think I've played most of the "base" classes in NWN/NWN2 and its various modules by now, when I finally got around to playing with monks in NWN/SoU and HotU.

God, they're boring.

Fighters and other warriors get exciting feats to choose from, and they get to use the shiniest shinies.

Wizards, bards, and sorcerers get exciting spells to choose from, and they have quite a lot of shinies to play with too.

Clerics get the best of both worlds -- lots of shinies, and exciting spells.

Rogues get massive skills to pick from, and they're exciting to use tactically in combat.

But monks? Jeez, folks -- they have minimal skills, minimal feats, immunities and resistances for free with no player choice, no use for weapons or armor, and they have exactly one tactic to use in combat -- hit it until it stops moving. And they're damn effective about it too; Shu-Wei the Heavenly Wave zipped through and beat up everything from top to bottom so fast that all my simpering sidekicks manage to do is repeatedly die. Not counting a single point where I had to choose my path a bit and return after a couple of level-ups.

Am I missing something, or are monks really designed for the ADHD'ed among us?
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