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August 15th, 2008, 18:39
Nothing much:
Read The Witcher book released in the US in late April.

Read all of the Falco mystery novels that I own by Lindsey Davis in May/June (c. 14).

Read some of the Steven Saylor Gordianus the Finder novels that I own in Junes, c. 6 out of 10? (I own all of the series to date, but some of them are stored away and I was too lazy to dig them out.)

Read the first Star Risk novel by Chris Bunch, and started on the 2nd. (Not the greatest…)

Currently halfway through the Brother Cadfael series by Ellis Peters, but running out of steam, even as short as they are.

i.e. I expect that I'll shortly be looking around for something else, but I really wish that they'd just shotgun out all of the Witcher books already translated into English right away instead of piecemealing them. At least they're not doing somewhat overpriced hardback to incredibly overpriced paperback with something like a 2y wait. (Actually The Last Wish was towards the low end of paperback pricing in the US, surprisingly enough… only c. $6 IIRC rather than the assinine $8.)

I remember when paperback were about $2, and not that many years ago. Paperbacks have suffered a staggering rate of price inflation in the last 20y, something like 400% fairly evenly spread across the time period. I always find it amusing to own an older copy of a paperback with a price on it of like $2.75 or $3.25 and then see a new reprint priced at $7.99.
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