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August 18th, 2008, 11:51
You should try a monk powerbuild - quite possible the most insane builds in the game have a monk foundation.

A very good example (one I recommend everyone to try out if they're doing a new run through the game) is the Kaze no Kama build. Here's the basics:

Race: Air Genasi (to get the extra stats, you'll need it)
Classes: 12 Fighter (to get specialization in Kamas), 11 Monk (to get Greater Flurry), 5 Invisible Blade (for the extra armor class due to Intelligence). The rest is up to the player (depends on taste).

Basically, you do every other level monk, and every other level fighter. Use Kamas as your only weapons, and together with Perfect Two Weapon Fighting, Greater Flurry and Haste you'll be hitting a whooping 18 times per round!

The only weakness of the build is the fact that you need elemental damage on your weapons to do any real damage (low strength), but that goes for all dual wield builds. Other than that it will have very good saves, extreme armor class, and exceptional damage output. By the end of the game you are never hit, and you kill pretty much any enemy on any difficulty setting in a single round. How long a fight lasts is basically a simple matter of how many enemies you have to kill.

For more information, check out:

As for clerics, I suggest trying Favored Soul combined with a few Paladin levels instead of Clerics. They get weapon specialization and use charisma for spellcasting (wisdom for offensive DC checks, but that's rarely used), meaning you can get Epic Divine Might through the Paladin levels, and also incredible saving throws through the Paladin 2nd level feat (can't recall name at the moment, saving grace or some such thing). Not sure if that qualifies as a "power build", but it will be more than powerful enough - level 9 divine spells combined with decent BAB, very high saving throws and EDM is rather extreme.

Basically, 26 Favored Soul and 4 Paladin levels is enough to make this a smashing hit. For a little spice you can go 4P, 16FS and 10 Warpriest, or 1 monk, 1 cleric, 26 FS and 2P.

Basically, every class has interesting builds, but a lot of theorycrafting is often needed to see their full potential.
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