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August 18th, 2008, 13:18
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
From my point of view, RvR just won't cut it. I've seen statistics on PvE/PvP, and the majority of players lean towards PvE more than PvP (often just casual PvP, if at all).

A game will have to offer a whole lot more than RvR to stand a chance of stealing some of WoWs customers, especially considering Wrath is out a few months after Warhammer launches.
I agree. I mean, it's not like RvR is bad or anything - the idea is actually quite good (in a way it's a mix of pve and pvp). The problem is that in WAR everything is developed with RvR in mind and strangely enough that leads to a gameplay that destroys both pve and pvp. Mythic is always talking about having 20 different classes… in reality they have four different classes (tank, healer, ranged dps, melee dps) and even these classes are not very different from each other. Imagine they would cut out everything from wow that somehow defines classes (shamans without totems, warlocks without fear, hunters without traps, mages withour sheep, paladins without their bubbles, etc.). On paper that might make sense since all these abilities are aspects that can unbalance the game, but the problem is that if you cut them out (and WAR did that) you get classes that do either do just damage or a mix of damage and healing. PvP should consist of measures and counter measures, but in WAR it only consists of action, but no reaction. You run up to your enemy, you fire all you got - that's it. It's boring in pvp and makes pve even more boring than it is anyway. I seriously doubt the majority of players will accept that kind of gameplay.
So what I'm saying is they cut out all crowd control and stuff for the sake of RvR (which in this case means pvp), but surprisingly this didn't improve PvP, but hurt it. It's simply not as dynamic as in WoW Where you actually have to react to what your opponent is doing.
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