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August 18th, 2008, 12:35
Originally Posted by woges View Post
Asceticism was never meant to be fun.
Hah, well said.
Originally Posted by jemyM
They can carry out their task (supreme tanks) quite well.
In a tough campaign, with d8 hitpoints and no armor, despite their bonus ac, these guys would sink in the mud faster than a russian submarine. In NWN2, characters get full hp on level up and battles tend often to be on the softer side, so even characters without d10 hps can tank reasonably well.

AFAIK monks have always been a gimpy class to play or at least when I first saw them in 3.0. Their spellresistance, hiding class skill and stunning attacks might make them decent anticasters, but then that's what for there are rogues with their sneak attacks. And rogues, as skill jockeys, can do several others things like disable device, search, use magic device etc.

Monk class strikes odd in a game where loot hunting plays so huge role. Monks have some special gear, but those are rare and few between all the weapons and spellscrolls fighters and wizards are hunting for.

As for powerbuilds, the game is just too easy to demand those. But character optimization can be fun in itself.
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