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August 18th, 2008, 16:38
Ionstormsucks is mirroring my thoughts, unfortunately.

The whole game is setup like a giant evolving sports game, really, and it seems they went WAY overboard in terms of class balance. For one, they've made stealth almost completely useless for traditional stealth classes (high damage, low survivability) which is very indicative of wanting to balance everything until it's "fair". I can sympathise with people not liking stealth classes, but there's a reason for the ability. It's the same with traditional CC abilities, which they've also tamed and turned into rather weak tools.

I have no problem with a game being balanced or "fair", but it has to make sense and fit the classes. They have 20 classes, but if you take a look at their abilities you'll find an extremely limited amount of "signature" abilities - which means that we've only got the 4 archetypes.

I guess you could call it Battlefield Warhammer or something, but it certainly doesn't appear to have anything to do with an actual war. Everything is too restricted and guided by limited rules - which makes any kind of surprise difficult to experience, and it SEVERELY curtails the idea of individual excellence. It's a mob game.

Also, if you want PvE, there are several games out there that handle that aspect A LOT better, except for the rather brilliant concept of Public Quests.

Naturally, there are many other neat ideas and I have no doubt that it will appeal to a big crowd - but I don't see it overtaking or even challenging the mammoth of WoW.

The very core of the game is just not good enough - in my opinion.




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