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August 18th, 2008, 23:40
Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
How does this NDA system actually work? - i would have thought pre release spoilers were allowed to a certain degree. What part actually "infringes" the NDA?
I'm not sure if this journalist actually signed an NDA (I never did for Fallout 3), but a standard NDA includes a clause on showing footage from the game other than officially released materials. i.e. you're not supposed to.

In earlier showings, taking pictures of the demo was not allowed.

Note that this does not make it illegal for NMA to host the shots, it just means the journalist that attended the showing broke the rules and might be forced to take down the screens. Bethesda has no real leverage to make us or anyone else take down the hosted shots (NMA's shots, you'll note, have been corrected against the angle, so they're clearer than the shots on the Asian websites).

Hmmm, the dialogue doesn't strike me as particularly good, nor bad really
Pretty much the impression I got from the demo. Definitely passable, especially if the options shown in dialogue are valid and you can turn dialogue in any direction you want to. Just "yes, no, fight" is obviously not enough, so the Sheriff dialogue is not that impressive, but dialogue with Mr Burke in particular looked to contain some valid options. Which would be great, but you can't tell that from a single play-through.
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