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August 19th, 2008, 12:26
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
Personally, I feel the weakness of the monk is his damage, unless it's somehow combined with other builds that will offer more damage.
They are tanks, not damage dealers such as Barbarian, but really, how many classes can deal up to 2d8 damage+strmod x2 in close combat at -2 at level 1? At level 1 they gain an optional bonus strike (with minimum penalty).

Already at level four their hands deal 2d6 which is equal to the strongest unenhanced two-handed weapon (Greatsword), their attacks are treated as magic, every strike is boosted with strength (meaning x2 strength damage rather than x1,5 as with a 2h weapon). At level 5 their penalty drops, meaning that they deal up to 4d6 damage per round at a -1 penalty.

At level 12 their hands deal 3d6 and have two optional bonus strikes without penalty. At that stage they deal up to 4x3d6 damage in a single round without penalty.

The only problem really, is that they still need a weapon for special damage (keen, poisoned, elemental damage bonus etc), their hands cannot be enhanced and they cannot make a build focused on criticals. Monk weapons deal crap damage.
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