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August 19th, 2008, 16:38
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I've got high hopes for WAR and I like what I've heard from the beta so far so I hope that's what'll meet me at launch, even though all your criticism sounds valid as well… Although, from what I can gather, they have actively made the choice and motivated many of the gameplay elements you see as flaws but which I am not sure are.
Yes, they did indeed deliberately cut out all crowd control abilities or abilities that could be unbalancing to pvp. But as I said - what sounds good on paper, turns out to be rather boring in reality. For a game which aims primarily at a pvp crowd that could become a major game killer. I am not convinced that a large part of the playerbase will actually like this system of unified classes. This really is criticism that repeatedly pops up in the forums.
Personally I don't even see why such boring classes were necessary. As DArtagnan explained this is team based pvp, so individual strength does not mean anything. Therefore class balancing is really a minor concern as long as the game is fair in terms of both sides having the same strength.
After having played the beta I'm utterly disappointed by WAR - in theory the game has everything that a game needs to win a large audience, but the developers did not use the huge potential that comes with the license. I'm a Warhammer fan and I like pvp, but at the moment I cannot imagine to actually pay a monthly fee for WAR. There is a lot more that's wrong with WAR which neither the press nor Mythic is willing to admit. Mythic have obviously convinced themselves that they have a great game - I am more than just sceptical that this is really the case. World setting aside - at the moment I don't see on what particular area WAR really excels.
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