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November 21st, 2006, 20:40

I have read the review and imo, Oblivion's world doesn't go on, while you're not there. My gaming experience playing Oblivion was that the NPCs just stand around waiting for your PC to come to them.

In Gothic 3, in one of my first play throughs (of the demo, but still… )
I wandered down a bit to the the beach. I think maybe I've spent 5-6 minutes down there. However, when I went back to the town, the guy, I was supposed to see had gone. Very nice - and also an example of how G3's world changes with you and how actions do have consequences in Gothic 3.

The reviewer at dead alf's site doesn't seem to understand the underlying premise for Gothic 3, the war between the Orcs & the Humans. And that your avatar, the nameless one, needs to find a place in this world, maybe even balancing things out a bit or so.

I'd agree with on one point, though: The combat is not that great. I have fought enemies with NPCs following me along, always worrying that I'm going to hurt my allied friend(s). Luckily, they seem to have decent AI-scripts so they are able to get out of harm's way.

However, I do feel when a game lets you play mainly as one character (although allowing some followers) that the coombat in the game should make you feel more in control of what is going on, in the combat, than G3 does. And in this, Oblivion's combat far exceeds that of G3's, imo.

In all other things, imo, G3 is far superior to Oblivion, from G3''s storyline to its
roughfelt immersive world as well as a world in where actions and choices really does matter.
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