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November 21st, 2006, 22:37
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post

I have read the review and imo, Oblivion's world doesn't go on, while you're not there. My gaming experience playing Oblivion was that the NPCs just stand around waiting for your PC to come to them.
Not even close. Follow any major npc and they'll have a whole schedule.
Let's take Thoronir, because you meet him quickly. Thoronir opens his shop
at 8:15 and closes around 6. He then goes to a local place to eat, then
wanders around the garden district before meeting with a shady
character late at night. From there, it's off to home and bed. Once you
kill the shady character, Thornir no longer heads behind his shop late
at night.

Pretty decent scheduling, especially amongst plotline NPCs. Oblivion
has over 1500 NPCs and some of them aren't very complex.

I haven't played Gothic 3 yet so I can't really compare the depth of AI,
but Oblivion had very good AI. I didn't like the first two Gothics, but I'm
hoping that this game will be the first.
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