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November 21st, 2006, 23:47
I would like to point out, that 6 months before announced release they do not have the level design completed…
4 years of storywriting - well, basicaly I can't imagine how anyone can write a story for linear action game 4 years. During 4 years a normal writer would several thousands pages novel…
It is quite some fun to read this interview)))
Does anyone of you remember, "the nostalgic Elvish atmosphere of eras long past"? Heh, maybe I am just too young to remember…
Speaking about high level of customizability of character and offering you 4 weapon skills (which sounds like the only skills in the game to me))
This whole game sounds like a big bubble with nice graphics…
I would summarize the whole interview:
Unique Elite Great Epic Heroic Great ELVISH ELVISH ELVISH ELVISH Hack'n'Slash

But let's hope I am wrong and this one will be the good one, I mean no offense to the developers. And - I guess - forget summer 2007, think of spring 2008 instead)))




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