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November 22nd, 2006, 00:19
The whole point of my post about gothic 3 was to say that I really like the feel of this game. I feel that PB did do a fine job in giving the players (us) a world that (still) has that Gothic feeling to it, that kind of roughness and toughness.

You just know by looking at the gameplay, visuals etc. in the game that this is going to be a tough ride. In that manner, the graphics supports the gameplay and the story.
(in Oblivon, to me, it feels like the graphics are mostly there for show - somehow, imo, there just to glossy for my taste…however, I still enjoy the game….).

As for Oblivion's much hyped radiant AI, to me, at least, this isn't news or the next new thing. Back in the days of the old Might & Magic games, shops were also closed and opened at certain times, even banks had banking hours, and trainers were only available, iirc, at certain times as well. Stage Coaches and boatrides were available as well - for a price.

I agree that the whole Thoronir thing is pretty neat, (he has a fixed schedule to follow etc.), however this isn't a new thing either. Many people on the ESF forums have pointed out that some of the way old rpgs did have this as well.

My take on Oblivion's RAI schedule is that the people, npcs, seem just to stand still and talk amongst themselves about mudcrabs or something they have seen they have seen the other day. Sometimes they will talk about the death of the emperor,
but somehow seem oblivious to the fact that the emperor had died, unless some of them mentions that they are very concerned and so. And my biggest complaint is this: Gates to Hell are opening up in a city near you. No one actually seems to care.
They just go about their business as usual, talking about the latest rumors and more mudcrabs or slaugterfish. [On the other hand, most people lead dreary lives, following a fixed schedule and talk about rumors about their neighbours - if that the game I wanted to play, I will just play the greatest game there is. Life it self, IRL ].

My point about Oblivion's NPCs waiting for you: While they do have individual schedules and go to say eat lunch or go fishing or hunting pr go open up their shops each day, the quests they have for you is still there no matter how long you take to finish other quests. If you talk to someone and get a quest to go find something, then you can put off doing this to the till you 200+ hours in the game.
The NPC will still be waiting for you - so that you may return the item e.g.
[To be fair, a small number of quests actually do make you hurry, and a small number of quests have NPCs who can die, as well].

As for the guy hiking off, I don't know if it was bug. I don't think so because the inhabitans did go about re-building the city. To me, at least, this tells that time is of the essence is Gothic 3 ---- and if you don't do anything about the quests, you'll be given, eventually time will run out. This is what I meant that actions and choices have consequences.
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