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August 25th, 2008, 14:43
Exactly Dez, but that goes for Oblivion as well:
-Flawed storyline (check)
-Horrible voice acting. I don't usually pay much attention to voice acting, but 2w hurted my ears (indeed, in Oblivion quite a few NPCs actually changed voices during conversation. This was just plain horrible)
- undynamic gameworld and locations. Most of the npcs were just standing around doing nothing and gameworld as a whole felt like someone had pushed the stopped button (check)
-bugged day&nighy cycle (can't say I recall that in either Oblivion or Two Worlds)
-overpowered magic (everything was overpowered untill it was patched, due to the nature of stacking. They changed that, however).
-stacking items made looting totally meaningless. First i thought that this was a good feauture, but in the long run it destroyed the game balance (again, they changed that, making stacking much more balanced, and not as crazy overpowered)
- Game's a.i was dumb like a rock (check)
-cardboard npcs. Npcs had no personality what so ever. I don't even remeber a single npc by name, it tells a lot how memorable they were (check once more)
- no real factions. I could do few missions for them, but not really join them (factions in Oblivion had a bit more quests, but they were still quite redicilous. At least in Two Worlds they let me side with certain factions over others, which is a big bonus).

I never said Two Worlds was a new Gothic, but I still rate it above Oblivion.
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