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August 25th, 2008, 20:29
With all due respect. you can't compare the voice acting to oblivion. I know that oblivion npcs werent' exactly academy caliber, but they did their job. It sounded a bit too repetative at times yes, but it wasn't a big problem. Furthermore these same npcs were actually doing something. They had a purpose and life much like in Gothic. I could follow a random npc and watch them going to bed and living his life during the day. I don't remeber similar stuff from 2w. It felt like 2W devs had just thrown them there without a second though. The capital city for example is the saddest excuse of a city i've seen ever. The smaller settlements were nice and belivable, but more bigger they got, more random and boring they felt.

I liked that you couldn't side with each faction in 2W, but factions in oblivion felt more detailed somehow and had rich backround stories. The guest lines were also quite intresting and you really felt that you were a part of your guild instead of just running errands for them.

I need to check out this lastest patch and see if balance related things have been fixed and maybe give the game an other spin.

I'm looking forward the next chapter in 2 worlds though. After all this is my favourite game type and there are not too many candidates really. And for their first game this wasn't all bad. It had it's moments, but hopelly the next game is more rpg than action.

btw the day-night cycle was bugged last time i played. the night turned to day in 2 minutes or so. Maybe its pc related and has been fixed.
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